Better to eat it

Better to eat it


Vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians can eat both raw and processed foods depending on their personal preference and dietary needs. Raw foods are foods that have not been cooked or processed, while processed foods are foods that have been altered in some way, such as through cooking, canning, or freezing.

When it comes to getting the most nutrients out of vegetables, both raw and cooked options can be nutritious. However, some nutrients may be lost during the cooking process, so it can be beneficial to eat some raw vegetables as well. For example, vitamin C is sensitive to heat and can be destroyed during cooking, so eating raw bell peppers or broccoli can provide a higher amount of vitamin C compared to cooked versions.  Eating raw food items or raw vegetables can provide many benefits, but it is not necessarily better than cooking vegetables. Both raw and cooked vegetables have their own unique benefits and nutrients.

However, here are three reasons why eating food in its natural state can be beneficial are:

Nutrient Density: Whole, unprocessed foods tend to be more nutrient-dense than processed foods. This means that they contain a higher concentration of essential vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds that are important for overall health.

Digestive Health: Raw foods are often easier to digest than processed foods, which can be high in preservatives, additives, and other chemicals that can disrupt gut health.

Flavor and Variety: Eating whole, natural foods allows for a wider variety of flavors and textures in your diet, which can make meals more enjoyable and satisfying.

When it comes to adding flavor to raw or cooked vegetables, there are many options available.  A few good options for raw foods include lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and herbs like basil or cilantro. For cooked vegetables, adding spice blend can enhance the flavor. Some good options include a mix of garlic, ginger, and chili powder.

Raw and cooked vegetables can be nutritious and delicious, and there are benefits to eating food in its natural state. Adding spice blends and other flavorings can enhance the taste of both raw and cooked vegetables.

When choosing processed foods, it is important to opt for minimally processed options with whole, natural ingredients. Spice blends can be a great way to add flavor to any of these dietary choices.


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“Food for us comes from our relatives, whether they have wings or fins or roots. That is how we consider food.
Food has a culture. It has a history. It has a story.
It has relationships.”
– Winona LaDuke

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